Cantilevered Sliding Gates installed by B & L (West Midlands) are designed and manufactured to fit your premises perfectly.  Because they are not ‘off the shelf’ we engineer each sliding gate to meet your needs exactly.

When To Use Cantilevered Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are the perfect solution where ground-space is limited and swinging gates would be inconvenient or impractical.  They are an elegant and stylish solution, bringing security without compromising on good looks.

  • Bespoke Sliding Gates
  • Choice Of Styles Match Premises
  • Quiet Operation
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Local Company
    (West Midlands)

What Is A Cantilevered Gate?

Cantilever-Gate designs mean that the gate is supported at one end only.  This design negates the need for gate tracks embedded in the entrance.

How Wide Can They Be?

Our cantilevered sliding gates can be up to 10 metres wide.  Like any gate, they can be used over paving, parking spaces and driveways.    Since there is no need for guide rails on the ground, they can also be used restrict access to premises over uneven surfaces such as paving, gravel, grass, mud or water.

Quiet, Convenient Quality

High-quality support and guide rollers, mean quiet and smooth operation.  This functionality is particularly appealing at premises where work continues around the clock.

Get in touch with B & L and we’ll find the best Cantilevered Sliding Gate solution for your premises.

straight cantilevered sliding gate

straight cantilevered sliding gate left