lintle shuttersLintel shutters are a security application for business and home premises which are made to measure the exact dimensions of your windows.

While retracted, the mechanism and roller shutter is completely contained in a hollow lintel at the top of the window.

There is no need to have boxing or protruding features, creating a neat, unobtrusive security feature.

Benefits Of Some Of Our Lintel Shutters Range

  • lintle shuttersCFC Free foam filled rolled aluminium curtain profile
  • Low to medium security applications
  • Spans widths up to 3000mm
  • Effective heat and sound insulation
  • Used for also for shading and light control
  • Lightweight therefore ideal for manual operation
  • Vented slat option

SeceuroShield Lintel Security Shutters by B & L

Bringing you maximum security with a minimal design, SeceuroLintel shutters actually store the roller shutter inside a structural lintel. This means cleaner lines and a less intrusive shutter mechanism.

Suitable for standard openings, arched and circular lintels and corner lintels, we are proud to offer these attractive security-conscious designs to our customers.

B & L’s expert installers word efficiently and tidily to fit these shutters without any undue mess and fuss for commercial and private customers across the UK.

Check Them Out In 3D

You can see examples of these excellent Lintel Roller Shutters in 3D on the links below:

See: SecuroLintel Lite or SecuroLintel Lite Combi

Insulated Lintel Shutters Can Save You Money

Essentially they are roller shutters for your windows. They also provide sound deadening and additional insulation. This is provided by CFC free foam filled aluminium slats.

Insulated slats help to insulate against adverse temperatures and can help save your business money on energy, while keeping your staff more comfortable.

These aluminium window shutters are available in several attractive colours including brown, cream and white.

Aluminium shutters can also be installed on shops, offices and all types of UK business premises.  You can easily increase the security of your business premises by ensuring that your windows are secured.

When they are not required, your shutters retract to leave you with a clear view and natural lighting.  Automated lintel shutters are available adding to the convenience factor with one-touch operation.  If electric lintel shutters are not required, you will find that manual operation is simple and trouble-free.

Louvred shutters can also be installed on food service hatches in schools, canteens and at leisure, concert, exhibition and sports venues.

Key Features

  • The shutter is hidden within the wall construction
  • Can accommodate openings up to 8000mm in a single span
  • Can be manufactured with shutters up to 5900mm in width
  • Fully CE compliant
  • Meets all building regulations
  • A choice of slat profiles
  • Designed to minimise cold bridging
  • Lintels available in galvanised or stainless steel

Build Types

  • Traditional brick & block
  • Timber frame
  • Steel frame
  • Steel cladding
  • Pre-fabricated

pdfClick Here to download the B & L Seceuro Lintel Shutter Brochure

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