B & L have years of experience fitting high quality steel sports hall doors across the West Midlands.

Rugged, Durable And Easy To Use

As you would expect, our sports will doors feature rigid steel frames with struts, as well as rectangular tubular reinforcements for smooth use and durability.

The doors that we provide for sports room usage have rebound panels and are designed to comply with Sports England Design Guidance Notes.

With a high degree of ‘bounce resistance’, they are sturdy and durable as you’d expect for frequent use commercial doors and require no special care.

Well Designed Sports Hall Doors

Fitting flush with the inside of the sports hall. There are no obstructive features which could cause injury or damage to sports equipment.

Properly maintained, our sports (and gymnasium room) doors also offer an extremely long serviceable lifetime.

We can provide sports hall steel doors in a wide range of colours to suit your premises.

Sports Hall Door Hardware

Panic Bars, Emergency Exit Handles and Fire Safety Furniture For Sports Hall Doors

Please see the PDFs below for details and technical specifications for our sports door hardware, opening bars (handle) options for sports hall doors.

Briton Panic Hardware

Briton Panic Hardware

DORMA Hardware

DORMA Hardware

Sportdor Hardware

Sportdor Hardware

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