Secure Sliding Screen / Sliding Windows by B& L

Internal sliding screens offer a great solution for clear internal security without over the top and obtrusive hardware.

A sliding screen is essentially a sliding window for partitioning off an area that need not always be open, such as a small reception area, service hatch or kiosk.

The sliding screen can be securely locked in place and simply slides open or closed.

A Variety Of Glazing Options

Made of glass, which can be toughened, tinted or etched, the internal sliding screen window prevents opportunist access to privileged areas without drawing attention to them. Being clear, a sliding screen allows light in even when closed and doesn’t negatively affect the aesthetic of your premises like heavy-duty shutters or grilles might.

Subtle Sliding Security For Service Areas

So if you need to secure an opening without making it look like a valuable target for thieves, get in touch with B & L and we will be delighted to discuss your options, including glazed sliding security screens, shutters and hatches.

Reception Sliding Screen Exterior
Reception Sliding Screen Interior
Reception Sliding Screens Interior
Reception Sliding Screens Exterior

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