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B & L Installation Engineers Offer A Range Of High Quality, Durable Car Park Barriers For UK Businesses.

Car park barriers are the simplest way for you to control access to your business premises, car parks or private land.  Manufactured by CAME, the barriers we install across the UK (from our West Midlands base) are recognised for their reliability, ease of use and smooth operation.  With a barrier system and control panel, you can regulate traffic using entrances and exits from 2.75 metres, up to 12 metres wide.

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CAME barriers cover a range of traffic control applications.  Each unit has an array of well designed features and options to provide you with the safest and most reliable solution.

Car park barriers that operate safely, reliably and efficiently around the clock and in all weathers.

Features Of Our Car Park Barriers

  • Robust, efficient power supplies
  • Options for battery backed performance
  • Obstacle detection
  • Control panel operation
  • Smooth operation to keep traffic flowing
  • LED Illumination and warning lights to aid visibility
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Attractive modern styling
  • Easy to maintain
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small gard barrierIf you are looking for a barrier system to regulate traffic at your premises or car park, get in touch.

We offer the ultimate combination of reliable, extended duty-cycle car parking barriers from CAME with efficient, reasonably priced installation and maintenance services.

Whether you are based in the Midlands, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire or elsewhere in the UK, call 0121 557 0260 to let B & L design the best car park barrier solution for you.

Popular Car Park Barriers

gard3Fast entrance management in public car parks, hospitals, highways.

  • opening of the entrance gate in 0.9 seconds
  • access control up to 2.75 meters wide
  • reinforced steel construction with corrosion prevention treatment and electrostatic powder coating offers durability and maintenance over time of aesthetic features
  • management of passive inertia typical of fast movements, even with intensive use
  • modern design that can be easily integrated into different architectural contexts
  • elliptic or round bar limits the sail effect

G3250A specific solution for intensive use in car parks.
Passage clearance up to 3.5m.

  • A modern style barrier, aesthetically perfect for any setting.
  • Both the flashing light and the photocells can be installed directly onto the cabinet to guarantee safety and durability
  • Protective cover guarantees maximum safety while the boom is in motion.
  • 24 V DC power supply is the ideal solution for ensuring intense duty cycle operation.

GARD4The ideal solution for intensive vehicular traffic conditions. Passage clearance up to 3.75m.

  • A modern style barrier, aesthetically perfect for any setting.
  • The LED dome-shaped flashing light and the photocells can be integrated into the cabinet to ensure safety as well as durability.
  • The protective cover safeguards the barrier movement against any shearing action when opening and closing.
  • The 24 V DC choice is ideal for the intensive duty cycle.
  • Combined and compass opening function, with RSE card (for G4040E and G4040IE barriers).

GARDIdeal solution for large passageways in apartment blocks and industrial facilities. Passage clearance up to 6.5m.

  • Ideal for private or public car parks.
  • The model for passages up to 2.5m (001G2500) comes in the 230 V AC version, while the models for passages up to 3.75m (001G3750 and 001G3751) and up to 6.5m (001G6500 and 001G6501) are in the 24 V DC version.
  • There is also a version in AISI 304 steel.
  • It can be installed either to the left or right. The mounting procedures are easy and quick.
  • A truly complete range of accessories to customise your installation, which includes a choice of safety accessories for peace of mind during operation.
  • The special joint is for installing CAME barriers even when height is an issue when raising or lowering the boom, as in underground parking lots.

grande_GARD8The barrier for large openings for industrial and public use

Automatic road barrier for openings up to 7.6 m. Soft profiles and rounded edges for an ideal solution for large access points.

LED flashing light

No maintenance required. Guarantees total visibility of the light signal.

Safe intervention

An electronic contact automatically interrupts the supply voltage each time the inspection hatch is opened.

Differentiated sensitivity springs

Enable perfect wand balancing..

Protective wand casing

Protection from any knocks and risks due to wand rotation.


Also available with AISI 304 stainless steel cabinet.

Seamless integration

The safety photocells and control selectors are affixed directly to the barrier body without affecting the aesthetics of the product.

Wand with break-through connector

Horizontal opening allowed in the event of an accidental impact.

G12Ideal solution for special or exceptional passages.
Passage clearance up to 12m.

  • Two gearmotors installed inside the cabinet and mounted on the same axis to provide greater motor torque.
  • The boom has a smooth, safe and reliable movement thanks to a special modular counterweight spring balancing system, which depends on the boom length.
  • A high-end range of command and safety accessories for a 100% complete installation.
  • The 24 V DC choice is ideal for the intensive duty cycle

Gard 12 is an automatic barrier that is really out of the ordinary

Automatic barrier that makes it possible to open and close a 12m opening in just 10 seconds, as often required in industrial installations.

Double motor, double duration

Solution with 2 gearmotors installed on the same axis that provide a truly remarkable torque.

Counterweight balancing

Adjustable by means of cast iron modules that can be added or removed depending on the length of the wand.

Counterweight balancing

For safe, reliable wand movement, even in the case of frequent use.

Integration and modularity

A special operator that blends in seamlessly with all Came control and safety accessories.

Control electronics

Located in a convenient positions for scheduled maintenance and protected against the elements.

If you require a ticket or card based system, please contact us online here or call: 0121 557 0260 to let us know your requirements.

We are delighted to design and specify car park barrier systems for practically any application.

B & L are delighted to advise you as to the best choice of barriers for your car parking security

We have you covered, whether you need a responsive barrier for control of frequent traffic, or wide barriers operating safely and smoothly to allow progress to larger vehicles or across multiple lanes.

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