Insulated roller shutters are an excellent way to keep bills down and comfort levels up.

Effective weather-proofing and keeping out the elements benefits your staff and premises.

Each horizontal section of an insulated roller shutter is infilled with thermal insulating materials to help keep heat loss to a minimum.

With brush sealed guides surrounding the ‘curtain’ of the roller shutter, air movement around the door is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Roller Shutter Options

  • Operation by GPRS, Keyswitch, Remote Control etc
  • Vision Panels
  • Range of colours available.

With a 3 phase motor powering the roller shutter and safety brakes with adjustable limit switches, you can be confident that our insulated roller shutters bring you a great deal of convenience and safety at reasonable prices.Insultated Roller Shutter With Metador Defender Fire Exit Door

Insultated Roller Shutter With Metador Defender Fire Exit Door

New Industrial BL95 Insulated Roller Shutters with Direct Drive Motor system

Click here for more about MDF MWF Direct Drive Mechanisms.

You can read the Magroll 95mm Brochure here.

Twin Skin Roller Shutters

Twin skin roller shutters or double skin roller shutters are a type of insulated roller shutter.  They are made from two outer ‘skins’ typically made of aluminium or steel.

Sandwiched in between these two skins is a layer of insulating material such as Rock Wool.

This composite structure makes the twin-skin insulated roller exceptionally effective in providing a barrier to noise and air movement.

This also makes the twin skin roller shutter resistant against radiant heat, fire and smoke.

Using double skin roller shutters to secure your windows and doors can save you money on heating and cooling your premises as internal temperatures are maintained, with negligible air movement through the shutter.

twin-skin roller shutter cross-section

Compact 44 Electrically Operated Double Skin Aluminium Roller Shutters

by B & L

Ideal for smart looking office windows with matching cladding systems.

  • Plate size: 205mm (depending on shutter height)
  • Guide size: 65mm lath profile
  • Double skin: 44mm
  • Operation: Electrical operation, Single or Group Command
  • Start & Stop: Wireless, Push-Button, Sensor & GPRS
  • Safety: Breaks, Anti-Lift Devices

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