We are pleased to supply and install a range of composite security doors (front doors) for the home.

Our secure doors look almost exactly like standard doors.  Attractive new security doors are available in a range of finishes to replicate traditional, uPVC and modern / contemporary doors. However, their secret is that they are reinforced to make forced entry extremely difficult.

Because our composite security doors are secured by design, reinforced and almost impossible to significantly vandalise or break through, many of our customers describe them as burglar-proof. One thing is for certain, there is no simple of quick way to breach them and they bring piece of mind to any home or business owner.

Secured By Design
Ryterna Security Doors external view
Ryterna Security Doors internal view

While no doors are completely impossible to breach, the robust construction in rugged plastics, wood and metal means these solid doors are some of the most secure that you can buy.  Being police attack-tested, you don’t have to take our word for how secure our composite security doors are.

We are pleased to supply and install a range of composite security doors (front doors) for the home.  From a distance they look exactly like an attractive, new, uPVC door.

However, they are security reinforced and extremely difficult to vandalise or break into.

They have a solid wood cored composite and have been police attack-tested.


Traditional & Modern Styles

Fully Reinforced 70mm PVC-U Outer Frame

Secured by Design Approved

Multipoint Locking & Anti-Bump Cylinders


Fibreglass Doors

Secured by Design Approved


Wide Range Of Thermally Efficient Doors

'A' Rated Efficiency In 8 Designs Plus 10 designs 'B' Rated & Up To 20% glass!


A Classic, popular design.

Cheltenham Arch

An arched Cheltenham variant.

Cheltenham Brow

Cheltenham variant with
alternative glass cassette.

Aintree 2

Beautiful glazed top sections.

Aintree 4

Make your glass a feature.


Stylish and customisable.

Newbury 3

Stylish extra glazed panels.


A customisable variation of
the Newmarket door.


Large elegant curve design
with stunning bevelled glass.


Maximising light with a
choice of contemporary designs.


Innovative European styling.


Traditional timber styling
with a generous glass panel.


The perfect cottage door
suits new and old properties.

Solid Options

Aintree, Cheltenham, Cottage
& Lingfield in solid format.

Fire Doors

Peace of mind with our 30 minute
fire doors in a range of styles.

Side Panel Options

Create a feeling of grandeur and
let more light in to your home.

Door Furniture

Secure By Design

Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention in homes and commercial premises promoting security standards for products such as doors.

Products which feature the Secured by Design logo are made from the ground up to exceed baseline security requirements. These principles have been proven to achieve a reduction of crime risk by up to 75%.

High Security Tested Doors Features:

  • Attractive Look
  • Can include a 25mm Double Glazed Unit
  • Windows to see who is there
  • Attractive front to your home
  • Easy to clean
  • Police Attack Tested
  • Extremely Secure
  • Available with plain glass or patterned glass
composite security door

Maintain An Attractive Front To Your Home

Heavy Duty Doors

Composite security doors like the beautiful Ryterna RD80 door shown, allow you to maintain an modern, attractive front to your home without compromising on security.

Specially designed to cope with intrusion attempts or vandalism or where security is a general concern. The double-glazed etched panels on these residential doors bring light into your home with an attractive finish and don’t reduce the robust security of these doors.

This installation includes a spyhole for added confidence and opens outwards to maximise internal floorspace.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 0121 557 0260.

Beautiful Secure Ryterna Front Door

Securing Your Home Or Business – What Should I Do Next ?

If you are at all concerned about domestic security then reinforced, attractive security doors are certainly worth considering. The range also comes with a steel reinforced Rehau frame and a comprehensive 10 year guarantee.

Glazed panels on these residential security doors are made up of two sheets of 4mm toughened glass, forming a 25mm double glazed unit.

Please contact us for no obligation information. The doors are available in white uPVC effect, wood grain effect and also in red, blue, green and black as well as white to compliment your houses frontage perfectly.

Composite Security Door

If you are also interested in high security interior doors and fire retardant doors then please browse our website further, call us for advice on 0121 557 0260 or use the contact details below.

Double Ryterna Security Doors With Over Glazed Panel Insert
Ryterna Double Doors Security With Over Glazed Panel Insert

Composite Security Doors For Shared Entry / Communal Entry

For great security for flats, apartments or any shared / communal accommodation, B & L have the solution.

With all the modern looks, style and simplicity you could desire, with the security you need for shared entry to a multiple occupancy building, composite steel based doors are very hard to beat!

We have a wide range of communal entry door styles and types of construction, although composite security doors are often the perfect solution as you don’t sacrifice looks to achieve really strong security that will defeat almost any casual attempt at unauthorised entry or vandalism.  Secure by Design, we only offer the best in secure access doors.

B& L have decades of experience installing composite steel security doors with secure access mechanisms such as keypads, RF fobs and remote access technology.

Get in touch with us today if you are also interested in high security interior doors and fire retardant doors, or browse a little more before calling us for advice on 0121 557 0260. Alternatively, use the contact details below.

Composite Communal Entry Doors

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