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Qompact High Security With Low Space Requirements

Qompact roller shutters achieve exceptional resiliance to unauthorised access attempts, while fitting in to a smaller space.

Putting smaller slat profiles at the top of the shutter with progressively larger slats below, means that the coil of the roller shutter is tighter than other shutters. The beauty of Qompact roller shutters is that there is no compromise one the level of security with the smaller footprint.

This tighter coil takes up less space above your door and so can fit comfortably into a wider range of premises, without compromising on headspace.

These shutters have been tested to BR2 STS 202 and is rated as Secured by Design at the sizes specified.

Advantages of Qompact Roller Shutters

  • High security shutter can withstand sledgehammer impact

  • High wind resistance, tested in hurricane conditions

  • The small box size takes up minimal space, meaning less impact on aesthetic of premises

  • Qompact Curtain is 100% recyclable & Qompact Shutter is 99% recyclable

  • Qompact products made with 60% recycled materials

  • End retention screws mean Qompact can’t be pried out with crowbars

  • Optional perforated vision slats allow a range of applications

qompact high-security roller shutter space-saving design

Standard RAL Colour Options Available

Standard RAL colour options include Brilliant White (RAL 9016), Silver Metallic (RAL 9006) and Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016).

A wide range of other RAL colours are also available, so your shutter will fit in beautifully with your premises.

standard RAL colour options

Key Features


  • Three box types -including the unique curved box type
  • Punched or unpunched profiles
  • Can be tailored to specific needs and visual profiles

Optimum Security

  • Ideal for businesses and commercial / home garages
  • Tested to BR2 STS 202 to withstand force such as sledgehammer blows


  • Subtly different lath shapes mean the tightest coil available

Robust Design

The single-skinned extruded aluminium profile is extremely robust:

  • Increasing protection against burglary
  • Protects against extreme weather
Qompact roller shutter space saving coil design

Product Service Life

  • Designed for long service life at every level
  • Requires minimal maintenance


  • Qompact can be powder coated to match premises
  • Choice of standard RAL or specified RAL colour

SWS Manufacturer’s Warranties
For Peace Of Mind

All Qompact Roller Shutters come with a full 2 year guarantee against defective material or workmanship on the shutter and 5 year guarantee on the Somfy motor.

Download Qompact Specification Sheet

Download the Qompact Specification Sheet

Download Qompact Brochure

Download the Qompact Brochure

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