B & L Shutters Ltd manufacture, supply and fit steel doors for a variety of purposes and locations. A rugged security door, made of steel and with a steel frame is a worthy investment and defence for any business.

Steel entry doors (steel exterior doors) protect your business and its assets from unwanted intruders, damage or theft. With drill proof protection caps, security doors made of steel are a formidable defence against unwanted and unauthorised visitors.

As well as making rugged security doors, they can enhance the look of your buildings as well as bolstering security. We can arrange for a wide range of powder-coated finishes too, so your new door will blend in perfectly.

Steel high security doors, beautifully powder coated

Matching Steel Frames & Panels

We manufacture and install single and double doors from steel with options for side panels or over-panels to match.  There need be no weak links around your entry and exits points.

Flush lipped forends and security pin hinges are included with our door installations maintaining security in each component.

We recommend our durable steel frames be installed in conjunction with doors made from steel or stainless steel (if a highly aesthetic solution is required) make your buildings much safer and more durable. We usually supply our doors with their frames as a complete set.

Most wooden frames are incompatible with the weight of this kind of door, so steel frames are important to achieve the utmost security.  B & L save you money by packaging doors and frames together for you.

Louvred steel doors ideal for boiler houses or engine rooms where ventilation is crucial

Industrial And Commercial Applications

B & L also manufacture steel industrial doors and shutters which make the perfect closure for industrial units and rooms.

Commercial doors made of durable steel can be attractive as well as offering a great value solution. The same is true of steel shutters for shops, retail units or other commercial spaces, bringing high-security to every application.

B & L have a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing rolling doors, steel custom doors, and steel fire doors. All of the doors produced or supplied by B & L Shutters meet or exceed British standards and EN179 and 1125 stipulations. We can supply all of our doors in a variety of coatings and surfaces to meet your requirements exactly.

Fire Doors: Steel construction, secure & fire retardant

Attractive And Secure

Steel entrance doors for homes can offer a security advantage and a real aesthetic appeal. Protecting communal dwellings, apartment buildings and flats, residential doors made from steel are a great deal harder to compromise than their wooden equivalent and most likely cost less than you’d expect for such a durable solution.

Metador Defender High Security Doors

Metador Defender is one of the most secure steel door solutions in the world. The example shown is a Metador Defender Double Steel Door Set that we recently installed.

With the features offered by Metador Defender, you can be sure of your security:

  • Bolted corners (stronger and quicker)
  • 2mm Steel threshold (no skimping on materials)
  • 1.5mm Leaf  (56% stronger than 1.2mm)
  • Constructed from glavanized steel throughout
  • 16 Threaded adjusters as standard (8 fixing points each side)
  • 4 Grade 13 stainless steel hinges with dog bolts
  • Fully Certified:
    • CE Marked
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • CERIBOIS thermally rated to 1.8Wm²K
    • BS EN 1634-1:2008 Fire Rating Test

 Click here to download the Metador Defender Brochure

Metador Defender exterior doors

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