B & L are delighted to offer a range of compact aluminium glazed shutters. With their attractive and less obtrusive hood boxes, many of our customers have chosen them for their improved aesthetic appeal.

Compact Business, Commercial & Retail Roller Shutters

The sleek, less industrial look of these shutters means that they suit a wide range of applications.

We commonly install compact aluminium glazed roller shutters to secure educational facilities such as schools, university premises, hospitals, bars & social clubs, retail premises, commercial units and industrial applications.

We can install these attractive compact security shutters as a single unit, or with multiple shutters operated from a single control point.

compact aluminium glazed shutters, attractive roller shutters finished in black

Domestic Compact Aluminium Glazed Shutters

Our domestic customers have been quick to notice the slimline appeal of these shutters.  We have installed compact shutters to protect outbuildings of luxury homes.  We have brought elegant security to valuable outbuildings, storage and recreational facilities.

The photograph above shows an example of a glazed, compact roller shutter for domestic sauna and spa facilities.  Glazed and finished to the owner’s specifications, the sauna and spa is now secure and just as beautiful.

Compact Shutter Features

  • Manual or electronically operated (with manual override) options
  • Glazed or unglazed, punched or perforated
  • With or without insulation as required
  • Easy to fix in a variety of openings
  • A wide range of colours or galvanised finish
  • Quiet operation
  • High-security options

Whatever your preferences, B & L Roller Shutters have the Compact Aluminium Roller Shutters for you.


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