Commercial Architects working with clients with security closure requirements need look no further than B & L

Traditionally you may have sourced your specified hardware from one supplier and then found an installer who can work with that door, shutter, fencing, gate, grille etc. Perhaps you found that other installers you have worked with sourced all their products from just one or two suppliers and have a limited range of products available, if so you’ll find us to be a breath of fresh air.

We are delighted to tender for your commercial security requirements.  With a huge contact base in the security closures industry, we can source and install practically any type of secure door, window or entrance.  That means not only can we offer an almost unlimited choice, but great prices too.

If you have chosen a specification or particular model in mind, let us save you time and money by sourcing and installing it for you.  We feel you won’t find a better one stop solution than B and L Shutters Ltd.

Of course we comply with CE rulings (July 1st 2013) so you can be certain that anything that we supply or install meets or exceeds current certification requirements.

If you have any queries please give us a call on 0800 924 7127.  Being a dynamic and efficient business, communications are of paramount importance to us. Our commitment to first class service means you can be certain that our staff will be responsive to your requests and professional to the last.

If you’d like to ask us to quote or provide more information, please click here to send us a message online.