B & L have been installing GSM remote control devices for a while now.  These impressively simple, low cost units are very secure and offer one of the most flexible and innovative solutions for remote security control. Utilising a GSM controller, you can activate your door, gate, barrier or roller remotely, by calling it on your phone.


Simple To Set Up

Once we have installed your GSM controller, we connect it to a your electronic garage door, gate, roller-shutters, barrier or even door entry system.  After that, we program the controller, including any authorised telephone number(s) permitted to operate it. Typically the GSM device can be programmed via SMS messages.

Simple To Use

Once it is all set up, all you have to do is call the number of the GSM Controller like you would call any mobile device.  Once the call is received, the controller will trigger your electronic security door, gate or barrier to unlock and open and close and lock.

You can do this from virtually any telephone in the world!

Many GSM controllers also offer optional SMS alert functionality to warn you of device status changes or problems with device operation.  In the even of a problem or unexpected event, the GSM controller can send alerts to selected telephone number(s).

Great For Business Or Domestic Applications

GSM security control is perfect for many business security systems, even if it is used as a failsafe in case keys or fobs are lost.  It can be used to authorise and open secure areas even when you are offsite.It is also a great solution for operation of

Domestic-automation can benefit from GSM control too.  Let your kids in through your garage when they ring to tell you they have lost their keys.  Allow home deliveries to be made when you are working or if you had to go out. Open your gates to allow guests in, without leaving  your seat.

Wherever your phone goes, your secure control goes with you.

GSM Control Has Many Advantages

  • Numbers can be added or removed by sending a simple SMS text message
  • There are no charges as the call to the GSM controller is not answered
  • You can operate your security devices remotely anywhere in the world
  • There’s no need for expensive radio frequency or infrared key-fobs so easily lost or damaged
  • GSM controller can work in tandem with other control methods such as key based operation
  • You are free to go about your business while remaining in control of incoming and outbound traffic

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