We all love a bit of sunshine and most of us in the UK live for the day when the weather turns and we can enjoy spending time outside again. Unfortunately, for many people, a little bit of sun is all the excuse they need to go out, drink too much and start making a nuisance of themselves on the local High Street.

For shop owners, the summer weather can mean that their premises are at greater risk of being affected by anti-social behaviour and vandalised when not in use.

If you own a shop then make sure you don’t let vandals and thieves get you down and afford your premises the best protection by installing security shutters and grilles.

Whilst no one is expecting a repeat of the August or ‘Blackberry riots’ seen across London, Birmingham and other major cities in 2011, it is always wise to secure your livelihood and business.

Installing Security Shutters

Installing security shutters is an effective way to increase the security of your building and ensure that it’s kept safe when not in use.

You can choose from a wide variety of roller shutters to fit all types of building and opt for manual or electric operation depending on your preference. Or you can have bespoke roller shutters manufactured to fit non-standard windows or doorways.

The Benefits of Security Shutters

The main benefit of security shutters is the protection they provide a premises. Metal security shutters are extremely hard to penetrate, something which most thieves and vandals are aware of, which means shop owners can help protect their premises from smashed windows or from anyone trying to break in by incorporating shutters.

Installing Security Grilles

Metal grilles can be placed across doors or windows and provide added security whilst still leaving windows visible. This means that buildings are secure when not in use and that windows and doors can be left open during the day without leaving the property vulnerable.

If you’d like to increase the security of your shop or business premises then get in touch with B&L Shutters today and let our team of experts guide you through the best security solutions for you.