The phrase “Serving hatch” is often traditionally associated with the serving of food and beverages however they are most often used to increase your face to face contact with customers and can actually help make sure you do not miss out on business opportunities.

Attractive and secure serving hatches can make a real difference to your customers experience and first impression of your business. In an age where looking after your customers has never been more important it is still a problem that many business premises, especially on industrial estates etc. do not have make it easy for customers to access you face to face.

Confusing entrances to businesses or having no obvious reception area can be off-putting and cause passing trade to leave without enquiring.  As many buildings do not allow for reception and waiting areas or these can be empty much of the time if you do not get many visitors – a clearly marked out serving hatch can be highly valuable – allowing you or employees to see when a visitor has entered your business. It also means products and services can be displayed or promoted securely – with the hatch lockable and secure in the evening or when your business is closed.  A range of security features mean that the area behind the service or sales hatch is secure at night minimising the risk to your business premises from break-ins or vandalism.

B & L Shutters can supply, manufacture and install servicing hatches bespoke to your needs for all types of business premises in the UK. This can be for business premises as varied as garages, tyre dealers and motor parts, dentists, doctors and pharmacists, golf clubs, food and beverage counters, food preparation and commercial kitchens, bars and restaurants, all business to business premises, promotional merchandising companies and all other types of services. Shops and retail outlets can also benefit from our secure shutter services which allow products to be displayed safely when the shop is closed.

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