A number of reports from online news sources have highlighted the increased risk of theft from air conditioning units on commercial and industrial sites as well as from hospitals and schools.

Although many of the recent spate of thefts have affected sites in the US no opportunity for criminal behaviour is inherent to one country and so now is the time to safeguard this asset to your business.  University College London have information on their website highlighting the risk of metal theft including that of the theft of copper tubing from air conditioning units.

If your business thrives on client or guest comfort (such as having the right temperature in hotels, restaurants, salons or spa and leisure facilities) or your students, patients or residents need a steady temperature to be at their best (hospitals, schools, residential care homes) then this could be of paramount importance.  Waiting rooms, pharmacies, supermarkets and doctors clinics and surgeries may also require heating or cooling from  HVAC equipment to be consistent.

Disruption to your business, healthcare or educational site can be considerable if the security at your premises is not sufficient to prevent these types of criminal activity.

What is the risk? What can we do to secure our premises?

The very nature of air conditioning units and systems requirement to make use of cool air means they are often housed around the exterior of offices and buildings, mounted on exterior walls or flat roofs.  This presents an opportunity to thieves.

The damage is largely being caused when metal thieves break into the units to steel metal tubing for resale or scrap value.

This damage often leads to inoperable heating or air conditioning equipment, disrupting your earnings potential, business activity and can also lead to costly repairs and increases in insurance premiums.

The air conditioning casings are difficult to protect and alarm directly.  Therefore ensuring the perimeter of your building is sufficiently secure is of paramount importance.

One way is to make use of palisade fencing or security fencing.  We can design, manufacture and supply these physical barriers ensuring unauthorised access is made more difficult. Of course CCTV and other equipment can be used to monitor and trigger alarms.

In addition to this, doors leading to stairs to flat roofs should be secure.  Anti-intruder steel doors can be used to secure this area, helping prevent thieves from accessing air con units on flat roofs.

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