The last few years have seen a marked increase in rural crime, particularly in an around farms. According to security expert and police liaison officer Stuart Chapman, farmers are putting themselves at greater risk from theft by failing to employ adequate security measures around their land and property.

Chapman, who announced his findings at this year’s National Rural Crime Conference, revealed an increase in thefts of machinery and commented that older tractors worth more than £30,000 are being stolen much more frequently, mainly because they have less security features and are easier to find spare parts for than newer models.

Chapman went on to say that farmers needed to think  more carefully about the security they put in place and ensure that necessary measures such as installing security fencing to protect their perimeters and protecting entrances to barns and other big buildings with security doors or roller shutters.

Let B&L Shutters Keep your Farm or rural business park secure

Our expert team of engineers work extensively in rural areas to protect farms and similar establishments. One of our staff will visit you at your premises to assess your security needs and recommend the best solutions for you. Once you’ve made your decision we’ll install your security measures too.

Police Recommendations for Keeping your Farm Secure

The National Police website makes the following recommendations for farm safety and security:

  • Check grazing animals regularly
  • Keep gates, hedges and fences in good repair and ensure field gates are fitted with capping hinges so they are hard to remove
  • Install removable cattle grids with locking posts
  • Tag livestock in case it is stolen
  • Make a photographic record of valuable animals or machinery
  • Keep machinery securely locked away at night
  • Consider installing CCTV
  • Secure windows etc. with metal grilles

In addition, the website recommends that farm owners keep all their insurance details up to date and that they have adequate cover against the theft of machinery, vehicles, livestock and the contents of their home or other buildings.