If you want to make your home more secure then you need to think like a burglar. Look carefully around your home and consider how you would attempt to break in. consider things like whether it’s possible to get to an upstairs window, for example by climbing on the garage or perhaps up a trellis. Take a look at your doors and windows and think about how easy it would be to get into them by kicking, breaking or forcing them. If it looks like it would be easy to break in, then consider investing in some extra security measures.

Extra Security Measures For The Home

People often forget just how easy it can be to open a garage door, even if it’s locked and once you’re in the garage it’s much easier to get into the home. If you’ve got an insubstantial garage door then consider replacing it with a security door. Automated garage doors are hard to break into and a brand new steel garage door will look difficult to break into and could put burglars off.

Changing your front door can also be a great way to increase the security in your home, but what if you still want your door to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible and remain in keeping with the rest of your home? If that’s the case you could purchase a timber effect steel door which looks just as good as wood but is much stronger.

Adding railings or fencing around your home will make a thief’s job harder if they need to climb over a fence to get into your property. If you have a larger property then you could also fit automatic gates that can only be opened using a code, so that no one can get in unless invited.

Security grilles can also be a great way to deter thieves, particularly on windows which aren’t visible from the street such as basements. Modern security grilles can also look very stylish and blend in with your home, rather than making it look like a prison.

Finally, try fitting security lights that sense movement around your home as thieves are far less likely to strike if your home is well lit at night.