Replacing your garage door can help increase your home’s street appeal and security, but with so many different garage doors available it can be difficult to know which kind to choose. Take a look at our quick guide to different types of garage door so you can pick the one that’s right for your home.

Retractable garage doors

A large section of the door swings outwards and slides up into the roof of the garage. The top of the door is where the pivot points are which means you can’t park right next to the door.

Retractable garage doors are simple to install and can open manually or be automated. This type of door has good security and can even include an automatic de latching system as an extra barrier to thieves. This type of door is usually available in timber, steel and other composites.

Canopy garage doors

This type of door swings upwards towards the roof of the garage, leaving a third of the door outside the garage so less room is taken up inside. You can buy pre framed doors and add extra pivots for greater security. To mount a canopy door you don’t need tracks inside the garage because the whole door mounts to the door frame.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors consist of separate hinged panels that are fitted together. They are genrally fitted to the front brickwork inside the garage. The whole door can be lifted vertically and then fits into the roof space of the garage. This type of door doesn’t need a frame so the space in which you can drive a car can be larger.

Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors can be rolled up into the roof space of your garage in the same way as a roman blind. Roller doors are available with or without insulation and can be steel reinforced for added security. This type of door doesn’t need a frame so larger vehicles can be driven into the garage.

Slide hinge garage doors

This type of door works well with period homes due to the traditional design. Slide hinge doors can be made from wood, steel or composite and open outwards so are best used on homes with larger driveways. Overlapping leaves and bolts help to increase the door’s security and this type of door can also be automated.