in the recent economic downturn many business owners have been forced to close and hand their premises over to an insolvency practitioner. This has also been the case with some commercial rental properties. In many cases, buildings belonging to owners that have declared bankruptcy are left empty, which can lead to damage, vandalism and eventually dereliction.

The role of an insolvency practitioner should be to do everything they can to get the best possible return from any assets a former business owner may have, so ensuring that buildings are kept in good condition during the insolvency process is essential.

Avoid Broken Window Syndrome

Empty buildings are at far greater risk form thieves and vandals and if left unprotected, they can quickly start to look worse for wear. A little bit of damage here and there today can lead to broken window syndrome tomorrow.

What is Broken Window Syndrome?

In the early 1980s two US social Scientists introduced broken window syndrome to the world. Their theory was that buildings that are damaged or in poor repair are much more likely to be further damaged by vandals than those kept in good condition.

In order to avoid ‘broken window syndrome’ affecting a building you are responsible for, it’s advisable to make sure the building is appropriately secured as soon as you possibly can.

Insolvency practitioners – choose B&L for your building security needs!

Our expert team have extensive experience with all types of building and regularly work with insolvency practitioners to secure empty buildings and help keep them safe and in good condition.

We supply and install an extensive range of products designed to secure empty buildings, including security doors, security shutters, security fencing and security grilles.

When you work with us a member of our team will visit your site and assess your needs to provide you with the best solutions to any security problems they may find to ensure that your building is safe from vandalism, theft or damage whilst it remains empty.