With the 2012 Olympics now in full swing, sports stadium security is more topical than it has ever been. What are the measures put in place to make sure that our sports stadia are as safe and secure as possible?

Steel Shutters & Perspex roller shutters

Steel shutters can be used at entrances and exits to sports stadiums when the stadium is not in use. They are extremely strong and hardwearing and very difficult to break through so are a great deterrent for thieves or vandals.  Merchandising can also be displayed using attractive transparent shutters or perspex shutters.

Serving hatch shutters

One of the main problems with stadium security can be the myriad of nooks and crannies where vandals or security threats can break in, such as serving hatches. One way to combat this problem is by fitting serving hatch shutters that can be brought down when the hatches are not in use or if there is a security problem inside the stadium such as a riot or bomb scare. Serving hatch shutters can be transparent, metal or made from other composites designed to be strong and secure.

Anti-ram posts

Anti-ram posts can be fitted outside stadiums to act as a deterrent to vehicles trying to ram entrances and get into the stadium. Anti-ram posts can be raised when the stadium is not in use or if there is a security threat when the stadium is being used.  Alternatively they can be kept raised as an ongoing deterrent.

Railings and fencing

Security railings and fencing can be fitted around the perimeter of a stadium making it very difficult for thieves to get over the fencing and penetrate a building. Railings and fencing can be built high enough to make climbing very hard and extra features such as razor wire can be added to the fencing to further deter thieves.


Most thieves are put off by CCTV, particularly in a large construction line a stadium where it’s very hard to tell which areas CCTV is in use in.

Security lights

Security lights also act as an effective deterrent against vandals or thieves when placed around entrances, windows and other places where potential thieves or vandals are likely to try and break in.

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