Making sure your business is kept as safe and secure as possible at all times is very important but ensuring that potential customers can see the products or services you offer can be just as important, which is why many people are choosing to fit transparent or Perspex security shutters to their premises.

What are Perspex shutters?

Perspex security shutters work just like any other security shutters but they are completely transparent so that the inside of your premises can still be seen when it’s not in use. Business owners who choose this type of shutter get the peace of mind of knowing their premises is secure whilst still being able to display their products and services at night.

Where can I fit Perspex shutters?

Perspex or transparent shutters are ideal for use in shopping malls, on high streets, in restaurants, offices, car dealerships and retail areas in places like airports. They can also be used in schools, post offices, banks, building societies and garages.

How will my business benefit from Perspex shutters?

Choosing Perspex shutters for your business has many advantages, including:

  • Reducing air, particle and water transparency
  • Providing 24 hour security
  • Making vandalism and defacing (graffiti etc.) extremely difficult
  • Deter thieves without looking unsightly
  • Allows you to advertise your products and services day and night

How strong are transparent shutters?

Transparent or Perspex shutters are extremely strong, hardwearing and durable and can easily stand up to daily wear and tear or an attempted break in. in fact, some transparent shutters are actually stronger than steel.

Give the right impression with Perspex shutters

Metal shutters do add security. However they may sometimes portray the wrong image for your business or have the wrong aesthetic.  Perspex shutters show that your security measures are state of the art and that your business is modern and up to the minute.