If you own an office or business premises then you’ll want to ensure that it’s as safe and secure as possible at all times. Read on to find out how to improve security in your office or business premises.

Making your office or businesses building secure

Make sure that doors and windows are always kept locked when not in use, especially at night. If you have rooms within your office or business premises that contain expensive equipment like computers then make sure you keep them locked when not in use.

You could consider replacing the door you have for something more secure such as a steel reinforced door, a composite security door or a fire safety door which will be much harder to break into than an ordinary door.

To make windows more secure you could add security grilles or roller shutters that can be securely locked when the premises is not in use. You could also consider fitting fencing and security gates around the building.

If you have a garage or a lock up at your offices or business premises then consider replacing the garage door with something more modern that has better security features such as steel reinforcement.

A good alarm system is essential but it’s also important to make sure that potential thieves know your alarm system is in place so make sure the alarm is visible at the front of your building or fit a sign that advertises the fact you have an alarm.

Similarly if you have CCTV make sure that you place a sign in easy view which warns potential intruders that CCTV is in place, in order to act as a deterrent. Mock up cctv cameras and burglar alarm boxes can also be used as a low cost deterrent.

Security lights are also a great way to deter thieves because they use sensors and come on automatically when movement is sensed, making it much harder for thieves to remain unseen when considering a break in.

Lastly, the better your building looks the less likely it is that it will get broken into. Make sure your building looks smart and well presented as this will give the impression of a good security system to any potential thieves.