dirty snow - avoided by installation of automated garage doorsMost people are aware of the security and comfort advantages of remote control / automated garage doors.  These advantages become clearer still as nights close in and weather reaches sub-zero temperatures or sleet starts to fall.

As darkness rolls in earlier day by day, you may well start to evaluate your home security and consider your home entry point as one of the areas ripe for improvement.  There’s no need to leave your car to open your garage, risking a tumble on icy pavements or the added security risk of leaving your vehicle whilst it is running.  If you have a remote control in your pocket and a fast and efficient garage mechanism you are home and dry safely and without fuss.  It’s not a costly endeavour either.

The added benefit of a courtesy light means that if you don’t have access to your house from your garage, you can still benefit from environmental illumination to increase your safety and peace of mind as you move from your vehicle to your home.

Whether you have an existing garage opening which you’d like to automate or would like to replace your existing arrangements with something brand new and better, get in touch with us today on  0800 924 7127 and we’ll do our best to guide you towards the best solution for your needs.