Vigilance and regular maintenance can be vital to ensuring a roller or up and over garage door cannot fall and present a serious risk to safety to you or your family.  Damage to garage doors through a car-strike, adverse weather conditions or impact of some kind can also lead to problems with garage door safety if the repairs are incomplete or ineffective.  Damaged cables, springs etc need to be replaced properly in order to check that your garage door is in complete working order. For information on garage door repairs please contact B & L Shutters on Freephone 0800 924 7127. We are able to offer a rapid call out repair service for households and businesses throughout the West Midlands and surrounding area and also supply, replace and install new garage doors in the UK.

Various safety features have been developed to help stop a garage door from falling.  A controlled closing device can be fitted which automatically stops a door from falling if it begins to free fall. This system can then be reset by the garage door owner.

Children holding on to opening garage doors

Online videos and search engines searches reveal many examples of children playing pranks by holding onto  garage doors whilst they are opening – unaware of just how dangerous this can be, particularly if insufficient safety features are applied or come fitted with the garage door.  Sectional garage doors, roller garage doors and other types of automated openings can be highly dangerous.  Children have suffered head injuries, broken bones and sadly death through misuse of garage doors.  In some cases openers are available which can heighten the force which a door opens, meaning heavier adolescents can also hold onto a garage door when opening.

Some solutions have been developed including systems which automatically stop the garage door from opening automatically if it detects a certain weight is present on the door can be utilised.

Protective solutions such as smart design which prevent a child from being able to get their fingers into garage door sections are also available.

For more information on stopping children from getting injuries and on child safe garage door design options please email us here or contact in the UK on Free phone number 0800 924 7127.