Various problems can arise from child safety with garage doors – particularly if the correct behaviour, product purchase and maintenance is not considered.  Allowing children to play with manual or automatic garage doors can lead to a dangerous situation and put their safety at risk.

Old, unmaintained or in fact any relatively new garage door could fall if mishandled and children playing together may be tempted to climb on or attempt to ride on a garage door.  Springs and section joints can also create a risk to fingers or in extreme cases even limbs.

Safety measures can be put in place to minimise risks to suitably supervised minors, including proper installation, sealing and measures to prevent entrapment.

Quality Installation putting safety first

As any garage door or roller door system involves the bearing of a relatively heavy load it is essential that a new garage door is only installed by a professional who puts health and safety of anyone who is likely to come into contact with the doors or roller shutters, ahead of business schedule or time.  Anyone rushing an installation to the detriment of safety could be putting children or adults, visitors or employees’ health and safety at risk.

The way the system is mounted needs to be carefully considered and approached by a fully trained operative.  Also be sure to ask about safety features built into products, particularly if the price seems too good to be true. It is worth checking whether the garage door has far fewer safety features which could compromise your families safety.

Having glass in your garage doors

Those people who are buying a new garage door should consider whether they wish to have glass in the door. Modern garage doors which contain glass should have safety, reinforced glass which is safer for children and all family members. If you still have standard glass in the garage door bear in mind that many injuries result from people who leave cracked or broken glass within a garage door. This is particularly dangerous when or as the door is raised or lowered, as shards or sharp sections of glass could rain down on an unsuspecting person or child.

Lead Paint in Garages

In 1963 in the UK, a voluntary agreement meant that paint containing more than 1% lead was labelled with a warning, however this suggests that if you have an old garage that has not been maintained for many years it is possible that children or grandchildren could be exposed to lead paint dust or fragments. Older post-war properties could contain lead in the original layers of paint.

1n 1992 lead paint was banned. For example prior to legislation, lead-based pigments were commonly used as an anti-corrosive primer coating on some steelwork.

The reasons children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lead paint are that (infants younger than 6 in particular) children’s bodies are still developing and lead can lead to nervous system damage and stunted physical and cerebral development.  Organ damage can also be caused. If renovations are taking place in garages or other outbuildings it is worth seeking professional advice if people may be exposed to lead dust or paint fragments (which tastes sweet to children increasing the risk of ingestion).

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