We are delighted to talk customers through the various garage door options available for their homes.  Here are some of the common questions we are asked and what we hope is some useful information.

What types of garage door can you supply?

We are able to supply, install and maintain all types of garage door. These are often categorised into ‘Up and Over Garage Doors’ (this term incorporates both retractable and canopy garage doors), sectional garage doors, side-hinged doors and roller shutter-style garage doors.

What are the main differences between a retractable garage door and a canopy garage door?

The retractable garage door needs greater clearance outside as a larger proportion of it swings outwards.  It then moves up and retracts into the ceiling area of your garage.   This should be considered if you feel space on the driveway or your properties frontage is limited.

The canopy door, whilst also protruding outwards as it lifts, does so to a lesser extent than the retractable garage door.  Whilst open the bottom third of the door protrudes outside the main garage frontage.  You are not able to park to close to the door as it needs some interior area when closing.

Aren’t sectional and roller doors just for commercial sites?

No.  Both sectional and roller garage doors make ideal solutions for home garage installations.

How will a sectional garage door benefit me?

The sectional garage doors we supply provide excellent security and good weather proofing as they contain sealing all around the door opening.   As they do not need a door frame this helps by opening up more width for driving a wider vehicle or other items in through your garage entrance.  They are comprised of individual horizontal panels that are joined and hinged. As the door rises on opening the sectional pieces end up in the ceiling area of your garage.  Steel, attractive timber and a range of materials can be used to create your sectional garage doors. We are able to supply and install them throughout the UK, with a large amount of work carried out in the Midlands region.

Which types of garage doors can be automated?

Sectional garage doors, canopy doors, retractable garage doors, side-hinged doors and roller garage doors can all be automated.

For more information on any type of garage door installation or replacement, automation or repair contact B & L Shutters & Garage Doors on Freephone 0800 924 7127 or on any of the numbers displayed at the top of this web page and our garage door installation and repair engineers will be happy to assist you.  You can also email us here.