Protecting IT Information and Data, complying with BS 7799 and reducing threat of physical attacks on your data

Although protecting data nowadays conjures images of cyber-crime and online industrial espionage ensuring both sufficient IT security and PHYSICAL security of employee and client data (in addition to commercially sensitive information) are all of paramount importance. This article focuses on the physical security of records (both manual and database held). Access to areas where records [...]


Growth in online trading increases need for safe storage

When trading online on sites such as Ebay or Amazon Shops there are several things to consider when looking at how profitable and sustainable your online business is.  One such area is logistics, and in particular, storage. Running Your Ebay Store from Home Usually one of three options is taken.  If you are just starting [...]


Industrial Sliding Doors Saving Space And Improving Access

Perfect for large entrances where frequent thru-traffic is likely, industrial sliding doors are a practical and secure solution for many premises.  Often found in hangers and other large buildings they are increasingly being found used for large industrial applications, factories and boatyards around Europe and the UK. Available in a variety of styles including flat [...]


Security advice for farmers and rural settings

The last few years have seen a marked increase in rural crime, particularly in an around farms. According to security expert and police liaison officer Stuart Chapman, farmers are putting themselves at greater risk from theft by failing to employ adequate security measures around their land and property. Chapman, who announced his findings at this [...]


Empty Building Essentials

A recent survey carried out by the Fire Protection Association found that fire, theft and malicious damage to empty buildings costs the country more than £100 million every year. The recent economic downturn has led to an increase in the number of abandoned buildings, whilst landlords are faced with the prospect of their properties being [...]


Keep your Shop Safe from Summer Madness

We all love a bit of sunshine and most of us in the UK live for the day when the weather turns and we can enjoy spending time outside again. Unfortunately, for many people, a little bit of sun is all the excuse they need to go out, drink too much and start making a [...]


Securing estates for private client solicitors

Private client solicitors who have the responsibility of looking after deceased clients estates, either on behalf of the deceased family, or whilst an estate is to be sold to raise funds for charitable donation etc. can be assisted by having the property secured or improved prior to the sale of the estate. Damaged garage doors [...]


School security for architects and design consultants

Anti-social behaviour and criminal activity are a major cause of disruption to schools and other educational buildings. Not only do they cause damage to property, they can also cause physical and mental damage to those who use the building. Worst of all, vandalism, crime and threatening activity generates fear amongst staff and students which can [...]


Metal theft from air conditioning units

A number of reports from online news sources have highlighted the increased risk of theft from air conditioning units on commercial and industrial sites as well as from hospitals and schools. Although many of the recent spate of thefts have affected sites in the US no opportunity for criminal behaviour is inherent to one country [...]