“My garage door transmitters aren’t working and I have to hold down the wall button to get the door to close.”

The problem could be due to a number of factors such as the path between sensors being blocked, loose wires at the motor head or in the sensors or dirty eyes. To fix the problem make sure that your eyes are clean and there is nothing that could be blocking the path to the sensors. Check that wires at the motor head and sensors are fastened securely and that eyes are pointing in the right direction. You can also try unplugging and replugging the door opener. If none of these things work then you may need to replace the sensors.

My garage door is closing to the floor and then automatically reopening again

If the open and close limit on your door is not properly set your garage door will think it is hitting an obstacle when it gets to the floor and the safety feature will cause it to reopen automatically. Check your instructions to find out how to set the limit on your door and make sure it is correctly programmed to stop the garage door from reopening automatically.

My garage door is sticking when it’s cold

Often cold weather can cause a garage door to stick. One way to try and combat this is to try spraying WD40 or other lubricant directly onto the worm gear that can be seen inside the track that’s attached to the door motor. If you live in an area where the weather gets very cold then lubricate the door gear around once a year to reduce the likelihood of your door sticking. Keep the torsion bearers, rollers and hinges well lubricated and make sure the garge door’s sensitivity settings are at the right level.

My garage door won’t open in summer

If you’re finding that your garage door is not opening properly in summer or at certain types of day it could be that the sunlight is affecting the sensor that opens the door. On some garage doors if sunlight shines directly into the sensor the garage door won’t open. If you think this may be why your door isn’t opening then try shading the sensor and re trying the door.

If you are still having trouble with your garage door then please do give a call or email us. Our garage door repair specialists will be delighted to assist with a call out in the central England area.