Palisade fencing is an ideal choice for providing the highest possible level of security to any type of building without breaking the bank. Palisade fencing can be used to secure all types of building including schools, factories, industrial units and homes. The robust and simple design makes it practically impossible to vandalise, damage or climb a palisade fence, which is why incorporating palisade fencing as a security measure is as popular today as it has ever been.

Why choose Palisade Fencing?

If you own a commercial property then you’ll already know how important it is to take every step to keep your premises as safe and secure as possible. Palisade fencing is ideal for keeping out unwanted visitors but costs a fraction of alternatives such as concrete.

Palisade fencing is a low cost option that really works and is quick and easy to assemble. Expertly installed palisade fencing looks smart and stylish and let’s potential thieves or trespassers know that your building is secure.

Palisade fences are generally constructed from steel and the design, which incorporates long posts welded together, makes them practically impenetrable. In addition fences can be electrified to increase security further.

The slatted design of this type of fence also allows any activity going on inside or outside the premises, making it more difficult for trespassers to get in undetected.

Most people prefer to undertake as little maintenance work as possible whether they own a home or a business premises. Palisade fences require minimal maintenance, unlike alternatives in other materials such as wood.

A Secure Investment

When you choose palisade fencing you can rest assured that the investment you make today will pay dividends tomorrow. Once your palisade fencing is installed it won’t need to be replaced for several years and will afford your building with a second to none level of security.