Window shield is attack resistant secondary glazing that can be fitted to all types of building. Window shield is designed to protect your premises from attacks, vandalism and break-ins and is ideal for use in:

Schools – to protect valuable equipment but not make the school look like a prison

Companies – to protect stock, information and equipment but ensure the premises still looks welcoming

Shops – to protect the goods and premises 24 hours a day but still allow stock and displays to be visible at night

Churches – to protect antique and irreplaceable stained glass

Homes – to protect from vandals and intruders

Whatever type of building you have, if you don’t want the aesthetics to be compromised for the sake of security then Window Shied could be the answer.

Why choose Window Shield?

Window Shield offers invisible protection for all types of building that won’t compromise on the beauty of the premises. Window Shield is practically impenetrable against baseball bats, rocks, bangs, axes or practically anything that an attacker can throw at it.

Window Shield is made of a special polycarbonate that’s housed within a weatherproof aluminium frame. The super strong material is practically impenetrable and a great way to deter thieves. If burglars do attempt to smash a window shield window they’ll soon give up when they realise that their efforts are taking too long and attracting attention and vandals will give up quickly when they realise that they cannot cause damage to the windows.

If you’ve got a premises on the high street and are fed up of anti-social behaviour with people trying to smash your windows, particularly at closing times after leaving nearby pubs and clubs, then Window Shield could be ideal for you.

Window Shield can make smash and grab raids and mindless vandalism a thing of the past too, making the high street a safer place.

What’s more, Window Shield will even help protect you and your customers from the sun as it cuts out 98% of UV light form the sun’s rays, which also protects your stock from sun fading and other sun damage.

If you want a fantastic security measure that won’t change the appearance of your premises then Window Shield is a clear solution.  Contact us on the numbers at the top of this web page for more details.