Roller shutters are among the most secure and efficient way to secure an industrial or commercial entry, but a standard roller shutter may not improve the energy efficiency of your property sufficiently to meet your needs.  If you need to reduce energy loss through your entry or exit or even wish to reduce acoustic transmission from your premises to outside or vice-versa, then our insulated industrial roller shutters / doors may be just the ticket.

Created from materials which optimise security and energy efficiency, you can be sure that B and L will provide you with some of the very best insulated roller shutters available to industry.   With slats that lock into place as the roller door is lowered, burglars are frustrated and repelled by the level of security offered.  The (CFC-Free) foam interior of the slats helps to reduce transmission of noise and energy through the shutters allowing you peace of mind on two fronts.

We can manufacture and supply roller shutters to any size you require, so why wait?

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