Sectional ‘up and over doors’ combine the best of high-tech and high quality.  Available with efficient insulation to exceed building regulations to help keep your facility comfortable as well as secure.  Overhead sectional doors offer a range of benefits over other types:

  • Doors are formed from insulated urethane, a high density and fire resistant substrate You won’t loose floor-space when the door is open as it is stored securely above the aperture secured
  • These panels are also easy to insulate and operate, increasing efficiency and ease of use substantially
  • Options exist for electronic, automatic operation or manual operation for safety and convenience
  • available in a variety of materials
  • A wide range of colours and finishes are available from smooth plastisol style exteriors to a rough stucco style finish
  • ‘Vision’ panels (secure acrylic window panels) may be incorporated to allow natural light in Steel or aluminium facings to suit application and budget
  • ‘Wicket’ Doors incorporated into the main closure allow for easier access when the overhead door is closed.

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