Safety and security is never more important than in schools.  Fire due to accidents and arson such as that at a Somerset school recently (July 14th 2011) is enormously destructive to buildings and property let alone the risk to the lives of the children and staff within.

Proper closures between kitchens and other food preparation and canteens / shops, help limit or even prevent the spread of fire.  Metal service hatches are are usually more efficient barriers to fire than old fashioned wooden serving hatches which ultimately fuel a blaze should one occur.  English regulations insist that older wooden shutters meet a certain level of fire-resistance, otherwise they are deemed to be unfit for purpose.

High quality serving hatches or shutters keeping fires at bay give fire services much needed time to arrive and coordinate their efforts to extinguish blazes, a priceless measure against danger.A series of flame curtains (automated flame resistant curtains) can also be installed to help aid safe escape in the event of fire.

Preventing unwanted intrusion into areas where potentially dangerous equipment or expensive stock is held is also an important function of safety shutters partitioning serving spaces from pupils.  Unauthorised entrance may be  root cause of an accident, vandalism or theft and can be prevented by using the correct shutter or hatch for your application.

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