B & L Shutters Ltd were delighted to work on secure serving hatches at Twickenham Rugby Ground recently.  Many of our clients work in trades where security, safety and client confidence are paramount.   When you source new serving hatches, repairs and services you should ensure that like B & L Shutters, you assess and address all three aspects to make sure the balance is just right for your application.  Unfortunately with a tough economic climate for everyone at the moment, security is a particularly important consideration.

Servery Hatches For All Requirements


A strong and secure closure for your service hatches will help you to avoid financial loses and emotional upheaval that can occur when break-ins or vandalism strike at your business.  When times are hard such as during or after a recession, crime rates inevitably rise and the need to protect your business increases proportionately.  It is important to make sure your service hatches are kept in a good state of repair and that old, unserviceable or damaged servery hatches or closures are made good too keep your equipment, stock or premises safe.


The main safety concern with safety is often fire-containment and a server hatch must meet minimum requirements for retarding the progress of fire in or out of a serving area / kitchen.  It goes without saying that we supply servery hatches and shutters which exceed safety standards by some margin.  Please note that some older wooden hatches may no longer meet UK regulations on fire safety.  Please check and contact us now for advice on replacing unsatisfactory hatches.  Safety is one area where your financial and legal liabilities are not the only motives for ensuring you have more than adequate closures.