Project Description

We were delighted to be asked to secure 2 entrances / exits for a local business. We created bespoke steel security doors for each application and installed them into their premises last week.

Unglazed Bespoke Steel Security Door

One of the doors was a full panel steel security door primarily to be used as a fire exit.  With an exceptionally robust construction and a 2 hour minimum fire-resistance rating, this door and frame is one of our toughest and most durable.

Also featuring automatic-closures for fire safety compliance, an internal panic bar to allow anybody to operate the door safely under emergency conditions and hand operated top and bottom locks. Our customer was delighted with the results.

Glazed Bespoke Steel Security Doors

The other door we installed was a heavy duty steel security door with a quarter-width, upper glazed panel.

It is great to be able to allowing light into your premises while maintaining high security standards.  Layered security glass will let light through without significantly diminishing the level of security offered.

With triple locking operated from inside the premises, the security doors we installed will provide many years of safe security and easy operation for the staff using this facility.

high-security safeguard defender unglazed steel-doors int
high-security safeguard defender unglazed steel-doors ext
high-security safeguard defender steel-doors with glazing int
high-security safeguard defender steel-doors with glazing ext

You can find out more about our steel security doors here.

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